1 Stalled Armageddon
2 Fall Of America
3 Soldier
4 Die With A Bullet
5 In Hell's Name
6 Daddy Fucking Loves You
7 Invasion
8 The Big Day

The title of the album has the finger pointed directly at the listener. This is about you and your relationship with humanity, ultimately the battles fought within the mind from child to man. Through Kubler Ross’ model of impending death, with reference to war, the turmoil leads us to peace and acceptance... only then to swing straight back round to chaos.

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"a weapon of mass distortion"
PROG magazine

"Album of the Year - NO DOUBT! 100/100"
Power of Metal magazine

"...love this album"

" Yes, this is a supergroup"


I AM... (2007)

1 Never Let Go
2 Symbol
3 Sane Life
4 Sober

This taster from Headspace certainly bodes well for their future blending no-nonsense metal sensibilities with more creative instrumental flights. Strong song writing and production (credited to the whole band) is certainly in plentiful supply and within Damian Wilson they have the perfect frontman to give them the edge over the ever growing competition and appeal to the ever declining (in prog terms) audience.


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